Examples of luster color choices for white chocolate seashells

On this page you will find examples of white chocolate seashells have been dusted with luster color that that you can use a varitey of ways. You can use them to make your homemade wedding favors or you can buy our chocolate seashell for cake decorating including our 48 piece seashell collections, perfect for a 2 or 3 tier wedding cake. From white chocolate seashells and shimmered or lustered seashells to marbled chocolate seashells, from small seashells to large, chocolate starfish, sand dollars, seashores we have a large assortment. We have the chocolate sea shells you are looking for to embelish your beach themed cake or seaside wedding.

by Olde Naples Chocolate. These colors may not be true colors.

Coral, Tangerine and Raspberry Luster over white chocolate

pink luster

Pink Luster

Gold Luster over White Chocolate

Emerald luster over white chocolate

Peacock Luster over White Chocolate

Starfish on the beach

Pearlized Luster on White Chocolate

Purple Luster over White Chocolate


teal starfish
Teal Highlight Luster over White Chocolate
-These colors may vary.

Emerald Highlights