Halloween Frankenstein Chocolate Oreo Cookie - 50 pk

Quantity :
  • 50 milk chocolate Oreo Cookies individually wrapped in foil.
  • Each Oreo Cookie is decorated for Halloween.
  • Buy these chocolate Halloween Oreo Cookies for your office.
  • Use these milk chocolate dipped Oreo Cookies at your Halloween party.
  • Frankenstein decorated milk chocolate dipped Oreo Cookies
  • Take these Halloween Oreo Cookies to your office or sent to your child's school for Halloween. Each milk chocolate dipped Oreo Cookie is wrapped in foil and decorated with a Frankenstein sticker. Each box includes 50 individually wrapped milk chocolate Oreo sandwich cookies.

We can personalize these Oreo Cookies for your event. Give us a call at 239-262-3975 for more information.


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