Booties to basinetts, set of 18 chocolate shaped baby items

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Planning a baby shower?
What a great way to celebrate the new arrival!
Our chocolate shaped baby collection, Booties to Basinetts is a perfect addition to any baby shower.
Perfect as a shower favor or as a birth announcement this chocolate collection will be a huge hit!

This chocolate collection contains 18 assorted shapes, including basinettes, booties, pacifiers and baby blocks.
Contains 6 booties, 4 pacifiers, 4 baby blocks and 4 basinettes.

These chocolate shapes come unwrapped, perfect for you to decorate a baby shower cake, scatter on tables, make your own baby shower favors, decorate cupcakes and more.
Our chocolate Bootie to Basinett collections is available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

The chocolate collection varies in sizes with the largest piece measuring approximately 1 1/2"x 1"x 1/8" .

Each order contains 18 chocolate shaped baby items.

ISBN: bootieBasinett

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