S'more Chocolate Candy Bar with marshmallow and graham crackers

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A fun twist on a traditional campfire s'more snack.
Everyone needs a extra large handcrafted S'mores candy bar!
Our chocolate bar with graham cracker and marshmallow measures 6.5"x 3.5" x.5" thick.

Bite into this delicious chocolate bar and you'll find crunchy graham crackers and fluffy marshmallow piped right in between two layers of a very fine dark chocolate! Packed with marshmallow and graham crackers, this solid milk chocolate bar brings back memories of campfires and ghost stories.
At just over 6 ounces of sweet heaven, you will surely delight someone with this giant dark chocolate Smore's bar!
An indulgent experience for giving or sharing, no campfire necessary!

ISBN: cbarSmoreLrg

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